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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Non Partisan Is The Way To Go

Refuting his own party, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed a ballot proposal to end political party primaries, creating a non partisan process. Both political parties hate the move, which is the first sign it's a good one.

I agree with the notion that it will help moderates get elected. It will also have the added benefit of forcing the 90% of the population who always votes for the same party in local elections to actually think about things before they get to the booth.

I really hope this passes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! You think the majority of the voting populace THINKS?!
They react. Hear something, knee jerks and out comes the passive i agree/disagree! After than, popular opinion and faith in *blank* hitches their wagon to the bumper and off they go!

If people actually thought about politics and issues, they'd stare at their hands and cry.

Tuesday, 19 October, 2004  

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