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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eating Well and Seeing Much in Chicago

One of the sacrifices of my current job, as exciting as it may be, is that I have very few walking opportunities. There just aren't many places like New York where one can walk around and explore. Chicago is one of those rare places.

Below are random photos and experiences that were fun, but did not necessarily demand its own blog post.

I saw the "Iraqtile Dysfunction" show at the Second City Mainstage on North Wells Street at North Avenue. This comedy troupe has been known to send its alumni to fame on Saturday Night Live.

While the show is good, the free improv after it is even better. Audience members are asked to yell out people, places, and things, and the performers come up with skits to fit in the material. Some of it is great and is an excellent demonstration of their talents.

It's also in a very cool building.

It draws a good crowd, so buying tickets ahead of time is suggested.

Great food was in demand while in Chicago, and I was looking for things off the beaten path. Timo, with a menu created by John Bubala, proved to be a great place for a seafood dish. Located on Halsted Street and Grand Avenue, the once French restaurant was recently converted into a fancy Italian place. Good! I hate the French!

This guy would like FBI agent Chris Saviano to stop raping his wife. This guy seems to have been out there for a while, and no one seems to know why he is standing there. Previous attempts to clarify his concerns have not been successful.

Well, all of the crazy people can't live in New York.

It was brought to my attention by Big Uke that Miller's Pub in Chicago was a good place to get ribs.

It has a nice pub-like atmosphere with a lot of energy.

The ribs were good. I ate them all. Yum!

One of the best "I don't know what I'm eating" moments happened in a Lebanese restaurant called Maza, located on North Lincoln avenue and Diversey Parkway.

I had the seafood special of the day, which included couscous. Prior to it I had some sort of Middle Eastern appetizer that I could not describe but it was amazing.

Chicago was good for my mind, body, and belly. I'll miss it.