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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Photo Essay: Des Moines Art Festival

Today I went to the Des Moines Art Festival in Iowa, featuring 150 carefully selected artists. Last year 230,000 people attended the three day affair. The festival is ranked third among 600 fine arts festivals nationwide. Below are works of art I found interesting, with website links to the artists (if I could find them). Buy their stuff!

It as a well attended affair.

"You May Already Be A Weiner," by Jerry Berta.

Here's me in between "Egghead" ($5,800) and "C'Est La Vie" ($7,000) by Kimber Fiebiger. I'm not included in the price.

"Jester Fountain" ($12,000) by Kimber Fiebiger.

Brian Olsen's Art In Action show was on hand. Olsen would throw paint on the canvas and a famous image would come out.

He did this was to various Willie Nelson tunes.

He attracted a huge crowd.

"Reclaiming The Sacred Lost: Bridget" ($5,500) by Lynn Creighton. Creighton's face is inside the sculpture.

A work by Randall Reimer that won best of metal works.

Kim and Cliff Erickson of Erickson Art Glass.

Ron Schmidt of Tesquesta, FL.

Work by Toby McGee of Oklahoma City, OK.

Steven Olszewski of Pinckney, MI.

Tony Cray from New Melle, MO.

Bruce Niemi of Knosha, WI.

Various works by Mary Miller of Vandalia, IL.

Thomas Sheehan of Oak Park, IL.

Various work by Tom Radca of Port Washington, OH.

Suzy Scarborough, who has an amazing ability to paint eyes with expression.

Andrew Carson of Kinetic Sculpture.

More by Andrew Carson of Kinetic Sculpture.

Kimber Fiebiger of Minneapolis, MN.

Nicario Jimenez of the Andes won best of show due to 3-D wood images like these. They were spectacular.

A very frighteningly real sculpture by Marc Sijan.

Here's a real person (right) with a fake person (left) created by Marc Sijan.

More by Marc Sijan.

The hottest woman at the whole art festival was a sculpture by Marc Sijan. I asked her out but she gave me the cold shoulder. The cop is a sculpture too.

Larry Fox of Omena, MI.

Here's me participating in live art! I was holding onto string while other people did it too. Fun!

It was a great event. Art is kool man!


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