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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Things To Do In New York: Mutable, A New Work By Katarina Wong

Looking for something different?Posted by Hello

For those of you looking to do something off the beaten path in New York City, you should check out Katarina Wong's new exhibit titled Mutable at the PH Gallery.

The exhibit is located at 547 W 27 St., 2nd Fl (btwn 10 & 11 Aves) in Manhattan, with the gallery hours being 11am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday. It will be on view until November 24.

"Born of Cuban and Chinese heritages, Wong was raised in the US and finds herself inhabiting three cultures, yet is also not fully claimed by any one of them. Her work explores this disjunction in several bodies of work," says her press release.

It's worth a look.