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Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Moment of Class at a Storied Rivalry

It was a scary moment for Reggie Brown.

Deep into the third quarter of the Auburn-Georgia college football game, Bulldogs wide receiver Reggie Brown caught a pass up the middle and paid for it.

An Auburn defensive back nailed Brown with a helmet-to-helmet hit, jarring the football from his hands and sending him face first into the ground. As the Auburn football team returned the fumble back a few yards, Brown was motionless.

It was a scary moment. Replays showed that Brown's neck had moved in a really bad direction. Trainers ran immediately on the field. Both teams huddled up to pray for his health. The Auburn Tigers crowd was almost silent, until...

"Reggie...Reggie...Reggie..." the crowd began to chant, cheering for a player only moments before they would have booed.

The crowd erupted again when the stretcher was taken off the field, followed by the loudest applause of the night as Reggie Brown got up and walked to the sideline.

It would be announced that Brown had a concussion, and would walk out of the stadium in a neck brace on his way to a local hospital.

For a brief few moments, the heated rivalry, played by teams that "hated each other," and watched by fans who demanded domination, faded away to more important concerns.

When all was well again, things went back to normal, and the two southern teams could despise each other again.

Sports, more than most other things, can give us truly amazing moments.

The game itself, wasn't memorable.

Aubrn's Carnell Williams led the charge against Georgia Saturday. Posted by Hello