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I'm falling in love with my camera and taking photos everywhere I go. That, combined with my passions for politics, sports, religion and other things we all agree on, makes this blog persist.

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Morning Musings (1/31/05)

My Mom (pictured) and I met Hall of Fame former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy Tuesday when he did a book signing at New York's McFadden's. Thanks to the Buffalo Bills Backers of NYC for setting it up.

Here's the future of America.

Miss Piggy, exposed!
(Warning, puppet nudity).

Here's a great way to use a Super Soaker!

Basement Cross says the U.S. has created Salvadorian-style death squads in Iraq. What are the consequences?

Young Pundits has a list of blogs you should be reading (snif snif, I'm not one of them).

In his Bitter Daze blog, Dr. Strangejazz reviews the Oscar nominations, and then talks about who got screwed.

Is this the Truth About Abortion?

Is Bush the Anti-Christ?

There is a real Dr. Doom out there. If that's the case, where is Mr. Fantastic?

Janet from the Art of Getting By is having a contest on who can guess what she looks like. It's very entertaining. I for one, have guessed Nicole Kidman, Carrie Fisher, and Heather Locklear. I'm really hoping she looks like one of my childhood crushes. After all, that's what the Internet is for. She could at least lie about it.

Why do Christians buy this junk?

Rodney Dangerfield still gets no respect.

Other Monday Morning Musings


Blogger tom feeley said...


Did you & your Mom get any $$ from COSTCO for displaying their logo (on her bag)on your blog?

I want my share!!

Monday, 31 January, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

I can be bought, just like anyone else.

Monday, 31 January, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no money goes to me for anything

Monday, 31 January, 2005  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Poor Rodney. He must be turning over in his grave. No respect in death? That's tough.

So you got a thing for Janet, don't you Nominal? Be sure to let us know what's there when she removes the mask.

Thursday, 03 February, 2005  

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