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Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday Morning Musings (2/7/05)

Today is a special post-Super Bowl edition of Monday Morning Musings.

Bill Belichick has won another Super Bowl championship, and with his team's defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles the New England Patriots are an official dynasty.

Before the game, many previews said the game was in Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's hands. It was. His turnovers, and inability to run a two minute drill at the end of the game, cost Philadelphia a chance at a title. For all the hype that McNabb and coach Andy Reid have gotten over the years, I was shocked at the mistakes the team made in the end. The game shouldn't have been that close.

Here are my other thoughts:
- there were reports that the Eagles went out to bars throughout the week after practice. During the game, they were tired, perhaps dehydrated, in the fourth quarter. Maybe they should have stayed in.

- the Patriots used the same five-man line to stop Donovan McNabb that the Eagles used two weeks prior to stop Falcons running QB Michael Vick. In other words, the Eagles told the Patriots how to beat them on defense.

- Freddie Mitchell, you've had your fifteen minutes.

- Patriots RB Corey Dillon really wanted this. You could see it on the field.

- No one in Philly should complain about Todd Pinkston's unwilingness to catch a ball up the middle again.

- The Fox announce crew did a great job during the game...especially Troy Aikman. The Fox camera crew and direction left a lot to be desired. Sometimes I thought I was watching an XFL game, not a Super Bowl.

- Terrell Owens showed a lot of heart last night. On the field he is worthy of respect. This of course is tempered by his "I told you so" press conference after the game. T.O., you guys lost...your team showed us nothing.

- Was that Donovan McNabb pouting with a minute left in the game on the sideline? There's still time on the clock, and the ball is in your hands. You're only down by three. Pump up your team. You can win this thing.

- The Patriots offensive line was pushing back the defense. Incredible.

- I didn't see any commercials that really won me over last night.

- The Patriots killed the Eagles with screens and draws. I don't think I've ever seen a team run a draw play pinned deep into their end zone. The Pats coaching staff really is that good.

- With the Patriots top two assistants leaving, is this the end of the dynasty?

- With the Patriots in my favorite team's division, the Buffalo Bills, I'm supposed to dislike them. But they are a class act, a true team, and worthy of fans not in the AFC East to like them. Even after winning three Super Bowls, they were humble.

- Love them or hate them, the Super Bowl is always good when the Tom-Brady-Patriots are playing.

Here are some great photos of the game.

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Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

T.O. definitely showed me something. No doubt about that. But I certainly could have done without the stupid wing-flapping shit after a simple catch and run in the first half. When Givens took it to the house and mocked him it made my night.

And yes, it will be interesting to see what happens to the House of Belicheck with Crennel and Weis gone.

Tuesday, 08 February, 2005  

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