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Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's Put Up or Shut Up Time For New York City

New York can have a Super Bowl.

New York City, do you care about your future? You have a bird in hand...the chance for a Super Bowl. All you have to do is build a stadium.

This is the kind of event that is tailored-made for the greatest city in the world, unless we stop investing in ourself.

It's time to build the stadium.

Hell if Al Sharpton and Rudy Giuliani can agree on something, it must be good.

According to the New York Times, the stadium is expected to bring jobs to New York, some specifically targeted at minority contractors, which helped get Sharpton and other African American community leaders on board:

"I said, 'I will support you tomorrow morning in general if you agree to sit down and let us, at your expense, write a minority business plan,' " said James Heyliger II, the president of the Association of Minority Enterprises of New York Inc., a trade group.

The plan to which the Jets agreed - and put in writing - created a loan fund to help minority businesses that win work on the project; a training program to help minority-owned construction businesses form in the first place; and an outreach program to help such firms win access to bonding firms. Mr. Heyliger said it was a breakthrough, coming after complaints that minority businesses had made little headway in the downtown rebuilding effort.

Just do it! Now or never. Believe New York. Believe.

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