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Friday, August 19, 2005

Road Warriors

Part of my job description is driving a 16 foot box truck (sort of like a large U-Haul van). To do so, I've had to immerse myself in some of the regulations that govern truck drivers.

There are special health screenings that truck drivers have to undergo, through the Department of Transportation. There is a DOT card that I'll have to carry on a regular basis.

In addtion, there are strict regulations on the number of hours I can drive in a day and a week...and they have to be carefully logged. My truck, along with the other semi that we're driving with, will have to stop at weigh stations for inspections. It will be a window into a different world...one most drivers on a highway do not have to think about.

I'll also get to know truck stops quite a bit...and I'll be able to see items for purchase like this one:


Today we left Norcross, GA and drove through Tennessee to Nashvile. It was a great drive. The TN moutains are beautiful.

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