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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

J-E-T-S: Just End The Season

Monday night, I attended the final Monday Night Football game on ABC, which featured the New York (cough, cough, Jersey) Jets against the New England Patriots. The game, held in Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, was a home game for the "New York Jets" team.

New York had a chance to build a stadium, but it passed on the idea.

I have often complained that New York City did not have a professional football team. If not for the Giants, New Jersey would not have one either. The Jets this year are one step above an NFL Europe team. Pitiful. Needless to say the Patriots destroyed the Jets. It was still a fun time however, as the fans around me gave me quite a few people-watching opportunities.

Immediately, attention was drawn to a "show up to the stadium drunk and root for the away team" guy, who would give the Patriots a standing ovation for doing things like running up the middle for a loss of one yard, and calling a time out. He got into an argument with a guy ten rows above him. Even though he was a drunken idiot, I had to have some sympathy for him, as I've rooted against the Jets (as a Buffalo Bills fan) more than for them here. This guy lacked the charm I usually put into it though.

Also on hand was "show up drunk and root for the away team" girl. Her style was a little different however, as her role was to flirt with Jets fans who have given up on the game by halftime. Her nice smile, combined with beer goggles would be enough for any man to overlook her pair-shaped frame and bad Boston accent to go full out and flirt back. I wasn't drunk. I didn't bother.

Then there's "wear a large hat so the guy in front of me can't see" guy. He had a decent sense of humor though, as the drunk Pats girl with the big buttocks made a game of trying to throw a quarter onto his sombrero. After about five tries, the guy next to her got one on the hat and almost made the nearby crowd give a standing ovation.

The final score, Patriots 31, Jets 21.

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