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Friday, December 09, 2005

Atlanta and Traffic

There's nothing like making a 2,200+ mile drive from Los Angeles to Atlanta to then get stuck in traffic. Atlanta is a fine city, with lots to offer, but it has more than its share of congestion.

Driving slow does give you a chance to see their nice skyline. In fact, you can look at it for an hour, which is how long it took us to go 15 miles to the airport.

Here's an Olympic torch. I bet the marathon runners could go faster than the speed we were.

You can watch the sun go down, in great detail.

It is quite beautiful actually. Pollution will do that.

I was done with travel though. It was time to go back home to New York...on a plane this time. I'll be back on the road in late January, so the rest of this blog will be about non-mobile musings.

I'll try not to be boring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You survived traffic jams on BOTH coasts.

What a warrior.

My hero.

Monday, 19 December, 2005  

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