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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Plugs For My Friends and Other Blogs

There's so much stuff to read out there. Here's a taste of some interesting things I've found lately.

There's a photo of me on the NYC Buffalo Bills Backers' site (It's photo #7 of 12, and I'm #7 standing next to a cute #51 -- Takeo Spikes does not look like that).

Looking for a gift that's a little out of the ordinary? Take a look at A Token of My Affection. If you're looking to round things out a little more, visit Paul Katcher's web shopping guide.

What is a blog reader like? Someone did a study on it.

Check out Dr. Strangejazz's interview with Kevin Allison, who used to be on MTV's the State and is currently with Big Flux. The Doctor has been scoring some impressive interviews lately.

The blog Dump Dick Durban has a though provoking post on the supposed mythical consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Taking that theme one step further, here is a blogger who posts about naming her miscarried unborn children. [Woah I really should have proofread this one, as you can see in the comments section, I totally misread this post. Arthur, who is not a "her" joined in a family ceremony for his mother's two miscarriages. Sorry to Arthur about the confusion. I clearly need to read things more closely before I write them, especially late at night.]

Then there's the other end of the political spectrum. The United Church of Christ has a TV ad campaign that's causing quite a stir, as it states that gays, and other disenfranchised groups, are welcome there.

To further that theme, here is a post by a Christian lesbian that can give you something to think about.

Do bloggers need lawyers?

The Rebel Rouser has a post on fighting robots! Wasn't that the plot of the three Terminator movies?

Want a plug? Leave a note in the comments page!


Blogger K.T.Dixon said...

Hey, thanks for the plug. Yup, Govenator is exactly what I thought when i first read that story. Then I thought about how much I would hate to be the guy out on patrol with that damn thing.

Rebel Rouser....OUT!

Wednesday, 08 December, 2004  
Blogger Arthur said...

Hey, thanks for the plug. Except that we named my mother's unborn children-my brothers. And I'm a dude.

Wednesday, 08 December, 2004  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Whoops. Sorry about that Arthur. Reading comprehension wasn't my best quality last night.

Wednesday, 08 December, 2004  
Blogger Arthur said...

Not a problem. Thanks for the apologies. It's not the first time I've been called a woman. The other time actually happened to my face. So, it can always be worse.

Wednesday, 08 December, 2004  

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