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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Q&A With T.J. Allard of Good Day Live

TJ Allard.

What drives you to be an actor?
Freedom, to me acting isn't work, its fun. Why not spend my life doing something fun!

What do you think it takes to be a success?
I feel that persistence is the key to success in this business. A little bit each day, constantly letting the industry people know that you are out there and still working hard. You really have to make your own luck

What are your most notable roles?

At this point I don't think there are any "notable" roles, although I did get to do a scene with Susan Lucci when I was on All My Children.

What are your favorite ones?
My favorite role so far is from the movie Combat Jump. I played a real life WW2 Major named Ben Vandervort. Who was played by John Wayne in "The Longest Day". It was such a cool experience, I got to shoot old WW2 guns, wear some cool gear, and run around in the woods.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
When I was 18 I ran up a wall to do a backflip, like those karate guys do, it was a very cool trick, and I had done it hundreds of times in my life. This time I was showing off at a dance club, the wall collapsed, and I shattered my knee.

Is it true that you are the number six rusher in Hartwick College history?
HAHA! I can't believe I hold any records there anymore, it was over 10 years ago, I give it 1 more year, then they will find out its all a mistake, and take my name down.

Number 22 at Hartwick College was a force to be dealt with.

What was that like?
It was an awesome experience! I would love to be able to play football again, although being my size, with the knee and hand operations from playing I wouldn't be much use. I think the reason that my name is still up there is because I received a lot of good press coverage from the newspaper and radio station at the college. I seem to remember that you had something to do with that. That good play by play calling, very in-depth, and exciting. All those times you made me seem like a superstar, even when I wasn't in the play. Thanks man!

[Note to my readers: I was the color commentator for WRHO's coverage of Hartwick College football games in the mid-90s].

If you could do whatever you wanted to do today...what would it be?
I want to experience weightlessness, that would be amazing!

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