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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Q&A with Indy Musician Drew Anderson of Hiccup Road

Indy musician/producer Drew Anderson of Hiccup Road is today's Q&A. Below, Drew gets into his band's new album, the life of an independent artist, and the benefits of being a performer.

What inspired you to make this CD?

Two things really. First, I wanted to record music with my friends. Most of the music I have recorded in the past was by myself with a little help here and there. This was an opportunity to get a lot of talented and really great people together. Second, I wanted to make the kind of music I love such as early 70's Pink Floyd and the French band Air.

How does one classify you? Are you a musician, an artist, a producer, etc?

Well I guess all of the above but if I chose one it would be a producer. I have always liked putting combinations of things together whether it be sound or people. Nothing like getting your pal from Venzuela who plays viola playing alongside a friend from Las Vegas playing acoustic guitars and drums while an old analog keyboard from the 70's hums in the back.

What kind of musical genres do you fit in?

Sort of difficult to put in specific genres but people have described us as "dreamy" and "spacey" and even "utterly absorbing" However, I am not sure if they were refering to the music or some personality quirks...

You've been working on getting your album distributed online. How does an independent musician get their music on places like iTunes and Amazon?

Lots of ways to get your music on these types of services. CDBaby.com has great opportunies to get to places like iTunes and Napster. Although, these services can take a while to get your music on them due to the high volume of demand. Amazon.com has a program to sell and distribute music.

Does being a musician help you get more dates?

Absolutely! However, since I chose the producer role...

Thanks Drew. Good luck!

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