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Monday, May 09, 2005

Gay Guys Don't Really Want To Get Married

It appears that gay and straight men have something in common: they don't want to get married. Not as much as women anyway, acording to an article in the New York Times.

Tony Cenicola writes:

Although women have served at the front lines of litigation efforts in the emotional debate over same-sex marriage, the issue's most vocal opinion leaders have been men, often leaving the impression that marriage is the preoccupying goal of one sex more than the other. Yet of the close to 5,400 couples who have married in Massachusetts since last May, a figure that represents nearly a third of all same-sex partner households in the state identified by the census, almost two-thirds of the couples have been women. Boston was one of the few cities and towns in the state where male marriages outnumbered female ones.

The article also shows that intrusive parents aren't exclusive to straight couples:

The reality of gay marriage in Massachusetts has left some young people susceptible to the same sorts of pressures families have always levied on unwed children. Not long after the courts made gay marriage possible, Alison Rheingold, 34, who lives north of Boston and has been with her partner for six and a half years, began receiving inquiries from relatives about a wedding they presumed would happen right away.

Could it be that gay people really aren't that different from us straight folks? They have the same desires (and lack of desires) as us straight folks? Perhaps gay men want the right to avoid marriage as long as possible and play the field, just like your average heterosexual guy.

Ironic, isn't it?

The article ends on a fairly funny (and probably true) note:

As for Mr. Freed, marriage is unlikely to play a role in his own future. "When I think about all this I think of a New Yorker cartoon where a couple is reading an article about gay marriage in the newspaper, and they say, 'Haven't these people suffered enough?'"


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