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Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Draft Time!

The NFL draft is tomorrow, and the big question is this: is Alex Smith worth the attention he is getting?

I'm skeptical. He is 6'4", a good height for a QB, and with a 212 lbs. frame is a relatively good size for a rookie in that position (but he will have to gain some weight). He is fast, at least by college standards. He led Utah to an undefeated season, throwing 32 touchdowns to just four interceptions.

Yet I can't get excited about this guy.

He is skinny for his position, and reports say he has less than a cannon of an arm. He is considered a smart quarterback, but will still have to make serious adjustments to the pace and complexity of the NFL. Plus, he played for Utah, and even though they went undefeated I really can't trust someone not from a football factory division.

But the 49ers may be a good fit for him. With the team employing a West Coast offense, Smith will not be asked to throw the long bomb. He'll also have Bill Walsh around to help him work out his sub-par footwork.

It's a crapshoot anyway. Just look at Tom Brady.

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