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Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Blog Gets More Popular

I have noticed a sharp increase in traffic to my site recently...just exactly at the point in time where the volume of my writing has gone down.

One reason is Lea Thompson.

Not that I've ever met the woman (boy would I like to), but my Retro Moment on her movie Red Dawn has sent a daily stream of visitors to my Blog through Google images.

It is clear to me that most of my "readers" aren't "reading" my stuff at all. I might as well put together a picture blog.

For instance, my photo essay on Greek graffiti is very popular, which is suprising considering the arcane topic that it is. It is the #1 choice in among Google images for that search term. This one I'm fairly proud of though, since I did actually take the photos myself.

Sometimes, something I've written is popular because I wrote it. My mock preview of Oliver Stone's Alexander gets hits every day, mostly from Europe. At the same time, my Retro Moment on the relatively obscure movie Wag The Dog brings in people every day as well. My interview with an American soldier in Iraq does pretty well, with a few visitors a week finding it through searches.

My favorite old post is turning out to be one I wrote about the Greek national team winning the European Cup...one where people have left comments months later. My review of Kanye West also seems to show up on Web Searches too.

Speaking of Greeks, my interview with Mike Dukakis brings in people once in a while too.

What have I learned from this? If I want traffic, I either have to write about obscure things, post a lot of photos of hot women, or a combination of both.

Perhaps I will have a blog about obscure hot women?

Who knows.

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Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

That's great news, Nominal. Upward and onward dude.

By the way, just took some of your advice.

Tuesday, 10 May, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

It's funny how simple life can be!

Tuesday, 10 May, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your posts.

Saturday, 26 November, 2005  

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