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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Moving Out

January 25, 2006, I was back to square one.

I moved out of my apartment, donated everything to the Salvation Army (at least, the stuff they would take), and kept only the things I could store at my Dad's house. I am going to be on a professional road trip for at least five months, if not more, and the lease was up.

When I had made the decision, it sounded like a really cool thing to do in a "Rebel Without A Cause" kind of way.

But staring at an empty apartment...watching people take all my stuff away...there was more than a tinge of lament in my emotions.

There's no going back when you've gotten rid of almost everything you have.

So now, I am back on the road, which means my blog will get interesting again.

I had better not look back, for fear of turning into a pillar of salt...

Good bye New York, for now.