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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 In Blogs

Last year I had a blog recap, and thought I'd do the same this year. Here are the best things from my blog this year, as well as interesting things from other places.

My Top 10 Posts of 2005:

Q&A With Mike Dukakis, a chat with the former governor and presidential candidate.

September 11th, Again, a look on my feelings of that day four years later.

The Top Ten Tragic Moments of the NFL, with number one being the top of the list.

I spent some time in Juarez, Mexico, and I wonder if that was a wise thing.

Q&A With Ante Razov of the Metrostars, a talk with the soccer star and former US team member.

Thinking Red vs. Blue in Hutchinson, MN, a look on why America's political divide exists.

Photo Essay: Gays and Billy Graham
, a day that shows just how diverse New York City can be.

Serving The Media, an inside perspective on the pressures members of the media are put under, and how it affects the news.

Photo Essay: New York City Hippies, a day in New York's Union Square Park.

Machines That Learn, a look at the future of war, jobs and technology.

Here are the top 10 posts of other websites:

Dr. Strangejazz of Bitter Daze had some things to say about the most beautiful people list. He also had a great post about America's God being money.

The Airing of Grievances mocks UK terrorism. The same blog tells homeless people to get a job.

Paul Katcher had his five year anniversary. He's had a lot to celebrate.

Faith was not raped.

The Moderate Voice had the best Watergate coverage.

Starts and Fits had a great post about crime in New York City.

Life In The Shadows Time, You're No Friend of Mine, a story of a girlfriend in cosmic terms.

Courting Destiny talks about a TV reality show that unites adoptee and their real parents. She's an adoptee herself, and she didn't like it.

Happy New Year!

The Art of Getting By has a top posts list too.