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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Florida State Fair (Part III): People Selling Junk

We've talked about rides, and we've talked about animals, but here's another truth about the State Fair: people like to peddle junk.

Here's someone from Health Craft cookware hustling pots and pans. He was one seemingly hundreds of vendors pushing some sort of craft, book, product, etc.

The Hillsborough Democratic Party was there as well. Their book was as empty as the Democrat's agenda (OK, that's not fair, I hardly talked to the Hillsborough people).

No fair would be without Scientologists. My somewhat dense and uninformed colleagues took their "stress test," not knowing what it was for. One passed it (the Dianetics person was stunned) and the other one "failed" it and was immediately bombarded with books, tapes, CDs, and the like; this all made him even more stressed out than he was before taking the test.

You can buy candles, books, CDs, food, fire-starters, clothes, hats, pots, pans, key chains, shoe cleaners, groceries, etc. Anything you want.

What a paradise.