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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday at Hooters

It was Super Bowl Sunday. I was going to drink.

Therefore, I wasn't going to drive.

Therefore I had to walk to the closest bar for the game.

It was Hooters.


I know, you probably don't believe my protestations, but I'm not naturally drawn to these kind of places. I'm not a strip-club kind of guy, and I've always thought of this chain as being a gentlemen's club with training wheels.

But it was within walking distance, and perhaps my first (and only previous) impression of the place eight years ago in Pittsburgh was a bad one.

So off I went.

We had a very attentive and nice waitress named Ashley, who is "working her way to college". Her boyfriend was having a kegger that night, and she was not happy she had to miss it to be at this sausage party of a Super Bowl night.

It was mostly a Steelers crowd, and they won, making the bar atmosphere fun.

#36 was the fan of the night. He was so nervous that he stood for the whole game. Even with a minute left on the clock, he had this pained, unbelieving look on his face. When the clock hit 0:00, he wasn't sure what to do. He probably got drunk afterwards.

I learned some things. This is what my co-worker looks like after four pitchers.

As for the game, it was about as good as the Hooter's wings...underwhelming. I was happy the Steelers won, but the game just didn't have a "Super Bowl" feel to it.

I guess they can't all be good.

It'll be a while before I go to Hooters again, I imagine. The service, the beer, and the...uh...ambiance were nice, but methinks I'm a little old and stodgy for that kind of thing.

I imagine, with Google as a search engine, and the words "Hooters", "strip club", "gentlemen's club" and "ambiance" in this post, it will be my top-hit-getter in a week or so.