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Monday, March 27, 2006

Montgomery, AL

One of the great benefits of being on the road all the time is being near odd little bits of history or cool little things to visit. For a day, I was sent to Montgomery, AL and found myself near the burial site of Hank Williams, Sr.

Williams died very young, but is considered a legend in country music. I have to be honest though, until I visited his gravesite I could not name a single song of his. I have since learned that he sung "Your Cheating Heart", which is a song that reminds me of some of my ex-girlfriends.

It is little things like this that keep me going on the road. The little treasures around the United States that one would not neccessarily fly to see, but are great to take advantage of while in town.

I have to say my familiarity with Williams has more to do with his son, and that song "Family Tradition". But that my friends, is another story...