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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm a Real Trucker Now

My truck now has a C.B.

I'm sort of a real trucker now.

Not really, but sort of.

My tour partner's goal in life is to "F" with other truckers. He tries to give bad directions in a fake Southern accent and pick radio fights with them while we are driving.

We also tell bad jokes.

In fact, one of our most often used jokes is my Mom's all-time favorite one:

What did one burp say to another?

Let's be stinkers and go the other way.

Yeah, we're torturing people.

What I have learned so far though is that C.B.s were really the predecessors of AOL chat rooms and message boards. It has the feel of a call in show, where people say whatever they want to each other.

For the most part it's all helpful stuff, like directions (except when my tour partner does it). Sometimes though, people trade personal talk and insults with each other.

At one point, a trucker with a thick Southern accent talked about going to see a woman nearby to "get me some pie!" He wasn't talking about an after dinner snack, if ya know what I mean...

Trucker life is a world all to its own.