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Thursday, February 24, 2005

NFL Tragic Moment #2: The Fumble

To continue the top ten most tragic NFL moments, we come to #2: The Fumble

In the AFC Championship game the Cleveland Browns met the Denver Broncos on Jan. 17, 1988. In the previous year, the Broncos quarterback John Elway has broken the heart of Cleveland fans with “the drive.”

This year, Cleveland wanted its revenge.

Browns running back Earnest Byner set a Cleveland Browns single-game playoff record with 187 yards from scrimmage (67 rushing and 120 passing). Save for one play, Byner had a spectacular game.

The Browns had a first down on the Denver eight yard line with 1:05 left and the Broncos leading 38-31. A touchdown would have tied the game and given new life to Cleveland.

Byner received the handoff, and ran to the left side of the line to the Denver three, where Jeremiah Castille stripped him of the ball and recovered it.

The play, known simply as “the fumble” will not be forgotten in Cleveland.

The Broncos took a safety and won 38-33, and the Browns lost their chance at going to the Super Bowl.

Byner, a good running back with a long career, eventually won a Super Bowl ring four years later with the Washington Redskins.

“As an individual, I probably played the best game of my life that day," Byner said. “Unfortunately, the one play stands out and it should. At that particular time, I felt I had let everybody down.”

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Enjoy...and try to forget.

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