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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Capitol, Austin, TX

Today I visited the state capitol building of Texas, located in Austin. It is the second largest capitol in the nation (Illinois is the largest), which makes me wonder when Texas will build a bigger one.

The interior is impressive.

The spiral goes up at least four floors.

Either the word "Texas" or the state star is located everywhere. In fact, every door hinge in the building says Texas on it.

"Texas" is spelled out on the state senate's chandellier, and is in the form of a star.

The state senate (above) and the house meet for five months every two years. I wish I had a job like that.

The state house is the larger legislative body.

The building recognizes great Texas political figures, like Lyndon Johnson...

...and George H.W. Bush.

They can't get over this Alamo thing.

The Ten Commandments are proudly on display on the state capitol grounds.

Is this why the sun shines on Texas?

The tour is free, and worth every penny! Uh. It was fun. It would have been cool to run into Ann Richards or something.

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