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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Photo Essay: Austin and the University of Texas

I am now in Austin, TX, the state capitol. Austin prides itself on being "wierd" and is the liberal portion of the state. You'll see how things play into that a little later.

Like many larger cities, Austin has its share of traffic.

It also has a first class University campus, U of Texas.

It's also home of the #2 NCAA Division I Texas Longhorns football team.

The campus is scenic and the weather in November is beautiful. 80 degrees and sunny. Man this is great.

The campus is vibrant, filled with a numer of activities for students to get involved in.

Austin, the liberal bastion of Texas, is fighting hard against Texas' Constitutional Amendment #2, which would:

"The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

"Enmienda constitucional que dispone que en este estado el matrimonio consiste exclusivamente en la unión de un hombre y una mujer y que desautoriza, en este estado o en alguna subdivisión política del mismo, la creación o el reconocimiento de cualquier estatus jurídico idéntico o semejante al matrimonio."
UT students seemed mobilized against the amendment, with speeches being made against it and pamphlets being distributed outlining a counter argument.

If voting doesn't work out, the liberals will start using cannons.

Also on campus were Lyndon LaRouche supporters. I spent some good quality time talking with one of his supporters. She was cute, engaging, and funny. We were really hitting it off. Yet with all the chemistry we were having, something back in the back of my head wondered if she was insane. I don't want to judge LaRouche supporters, but I kind of do. After all, the guy is in jail. I still don't know what the guy stands for, even though his supporters really tried to explain it to me.

Signs like this did not aid constructive political dialogue. With the LaRouche supporters there, I was concerned for a moment that fringe groups were taking over the campus. Yet it turns out that I do not have to worry...

...the church of Scientology would never allow that to happen. Located accross the street from the UT campus, one could learn about ancient space aliens and play with clay. If it's good enough for John Travolta and Tom Cruise, it's good enough for me.

The campus is really nice, with scenic views of the capital and a lot of things to do nearby. I even got a $8 haircut! Man I love college towns.

They are all about that Texas flag there.

Old glory does fly high though.

The campus has some nice artichecture, with some buildings tall enough to be seen throughout the city.

UT has it's own bus system, which allows for...

...graffiti opportunities!

Texas is nice. I could get used to this place. If they let gays, LaRoushe people, and Scientologists around, I can truly find a home here.

Maybe not.

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Blogger DDD said...

You should buy the shirt
"Fuck Y'all; after visiting Texas I'm now a Scientologist and voted for Larouche!"

Monday, 07 November, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

They have "keep Austin Wierd" shirts too. I should have picked one up.

Tuesday, 08 November, 2005  

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