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Friday, October 28, 2005

Don't Mess With Pittsburgh

I was reminded today that Pittsburgh, PA is a rough city.

Driving my box truck on 65 today (at least I think it was, this city is so crazy and it's easy to get lost). I was on the left lane and needed to get to the right so I could turn onto the 31st street bridge (which by the way is the worst-kept bridge I've ever driven on).

To my right was a long lane of cars caught in gridlock. There are two lanes here, and I was blocking one of them in order to move over. I don't have a lot of space to go before I miss the bridge. Next to me is a car, behind it a yellow school bus.

School bus M318 to be exact. I have my turn signal going for a minute or two, every time I try to get over the bus accelerates to make sure I don't get over.

Homey don't play that.

So I did the New York thing and slowly turned my truck into her lane. The driver of the bus almost accelerated into me, but had to settle for honking her horn at me as a muscled my way into the lane.

Or so I thought.

When I was in the right lane I was now caught in the gridlock. The bus driver, a large black woman who looked like she could kick my ass with no problem, changed to the left lane and pulled over next to me.

She then opened the school bus doors in the middle of the road and gave me a middle finger.

She screamed "f*ck you" at the top of her lungs while she was at it.

She then went down the left lane past the bridge.

In other words, she didn't need to be in the right lane in the first place.

Don't mess with Pittsburgh bus drivers.

Yeah, I think there were kids on the bus.

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Blogger DDD said...

WOW! Sounds like one mean tough bus driver. Bet those kids behave on her bus!

Monday, 31 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care. Did you make it to Fathead's yet?

Monday, 31 October, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

I think you need a gun to be on that bus.

Sorry, never made it to Fathead's.

Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

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