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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Steeltown: Pittsburgh, PA

Today, we toured Steeltown, USA, Pittsburgh, PA.

Getting ready for an event tomorrow, we walked around the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. One notable building is this one, called the Cathedral of Learning, which was completed in 1937. This building is not to be confused with the evil tower of Isengard from the Lord of the Rings.

Inside young men would pretend to study while hitting on chicks with a cool gothic interior. Man, I was so into Goth girls in college, I would have made a killing here.

There are classrooms with ethnic themes to them, although most were empty.

Also on campus is the Heinz Memorial Chapel. Yes, Heinz, the big ketchup guy (not the wife of failed presidential candidate John F. Kerry) long ago donated lots of money to build a chapel. Instead of naming it after Saint Mary Joe Teresa Gonzales or something they named it after him. That's odd...a ketchup church. Well, he paid for it and it looks nice.

Later on we went to Station Square, a former train station turned into a mall. There we would learn just how much Pittsburgh likes its Steelers football team.

You have your basic jerseys and shirts. But that's not enough...

...because every young girl needs a Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleading outfits. That way girls can dream of growing up and joining a pep squad that does not exist.

If that's not enough, you can get your Steelers figurines...

...and your "Fast" Willie Parker's going to take us to the Super Bowl shirts. Yeah, good luck with that one. Third string running backs have a long history of winning championships.

Every town needs another one to hate and make fun of, and Pittsburgh decided Cleveland was it. Man, that's like picking fights with a midget.

Pittsburgh is a ridiculous city to drive in. It's a combination of hills and three lakes, so nothing is a straight line. They also help make matters worse by making some of the streets as small as possible, and changing the paths of major roads when they could have remained straight. To add to the fun, they put important street signs behind tree limbs.

The points gives you a great view of where the three rivers (there's even an Ohio river...sorry that's an inside joke with my friends that I had to throw in there).

It's a great place to relax, enjoy the sites, and smoke weed, as this old guy was doing.

You can see Heinz Field here. This is not to be confused with Heinz Chapel, although I imagine just as much praying is done here on a Fall Sunday as in the other place.

It's a nice view when sunny.

But the clouds were coming.

The rain soon followed.

Pittsburgh is a great town, it's a little cold right now though. I look forward to exploring when I can on breaks.

If I don't get lost.

America's Treasures


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to Fat Head's on Carson St. for a beer and a sandwich. You'll never forget the experience. Also check out the Strip District, and the rest of Carson St.

Big fan of Pittsburgh and it's three "lakes." ;op

Friday, 28 October, 2005  

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