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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh

Today I went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which joins the Carnegie Museum of Art as a fine duo of culture in Pittsburgh, PA.

Even while not including this statue, the museum has a fine dinasour collection.

One thing it is NOT is Carnegie Hall though. Not to a New Yorker.

I could tell very quickly that this was the bones of an oviraptorosaur. The sign near the bones told me.

This here is a stegosaurus ungulatus, and a fine example of one it is. I don't think I've ever seen one put together so nicely. This dude was a vegetarian, apparently.

Here are some human beings. They are fine specimens. Perhaps the best part of the museum was watching them clean up old fossils in the Paleolab. They seemed to like the attention. I could have watched these two for hours, but then again I can be a pretty boring guy to hang out with.

In the geology section, I learned that the world's oil industry began in 1859 in Titusville, PA. That's a fact I'm going to bust out when I go to my next dinner party. I bet chicks will dig that one.

Someday, someone will do a Google search for "Dinohyus Hollandi" and come to this site. Welcome. You can buy one of your own here. hey, if you Googled it, you might as well buy one.

The Brontops Dispar needs no introduction. Brontops went extinct as the climate cooled and the Ice Age began, according to this website. You won't see these guys bitching about global warming.

Here's a Columbian Mammoth. He was found in Colorado, making him the first known illegal immigrant from Latin America to the United States.

The museum had other exhibits, including one on Native Americans. This featured a stuffed polar bear. Nothing says "let's save the animals" like seeing a polar bear killed for fur and then stuffed for a museum. Ah, global warming would have gotten this one eventually anyway.

The museum itself is a fantastic building. I wish I could have seen the art part. Oh well, perhaps when I travel to Pittsburgh again...

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