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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Welcome To Houston, TX!

I arrived in Houston, TX on the day of the state's big election: a State Constitutional Amendment declaring marriage between a man and a woman.

More than 75% of voters declared that it is so vital that gays not marry that it should be part of the state constitution. This makes gays not marrying up on par with things like equal rights, bans on religious tests and freedom of worship.

According to the constitution, local governments may regulate mixed drinks, and I hope they do to the highest quality possible.

Houston is a strange place. As I drove into the hotel, it was sunny and raining at the same time. The result: a rainbow. My guess is that there is a leprechaun in Mexico standing by a pot of gold.

Southern hospitality is alive and well. I saw one female driver, with kids in the back, pull up next to another woman's car and yell at her, saying "you can't f*cking drive, you're pissing me the f*ck off." She then threw her water bottle at the woman as she pulled off.

Houston is the location of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, where Tom Tewell, the now former pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, once served. This is the view of their chapel.

The church was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is very "Earthy". It's a fantastic building and must be a great place to worship.

More will come from Houston later on.

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