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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Florida State Fair (Part IV): Carney Folk

There are a lot of reasons to go to a carnival...rides, animals, and junk are some of the reasons. But the best reason to go to a Carney is to people watch. Here are some of my favorite people of the fair.

Nothing beats a midget playing with fire...

...right next to the world's smallest horse, and...

...the world's smallest woman.

Those people are supposed to be attractions though. Some of the better kinds of people watching come from the people working there and visiting there.

Here's a good shot of a Carney worker. This is a hard photo to get, as they hate when people take pictures of them. The rumor is that most carneys are felons and/or are running from the law or paternity suits. There's nothing like the family-friendly atmosphere of a carnival.

Here's a guy shoveling horse manure. Burn this image into your mind. Whatever kind of day you are having at work, this guy has it worse off than you.

Wearing a Confederate flag on your jacket in 2006 is perfectly acceptable.

If you don't want the jacket, but the t-shirt.

This is a guy I don't want to run into in the woods.

Kenny Rogers was in town. OK, that's not really him. It would have been cool if it was though.

Here are some mobile marketing girls dancing during their break.

A child enjoys some boiled eggs.

Look at this weirdo!

Well, I'm done with the Florida State Fair!


Blogger DDD said...

Dude. Don't go dissin'the carney code.
(shame on you if you don't get the simpson's carney episode reference)

Wednesday, 22 February, 2006  

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