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Monday, April 10, 2006

Attacked By Ants

Sometimes, being on the road really sucks. My time at an Extended Stay in Timonium -- just outside of Baltimore -- was one of those times. You have very little control over the quality if your room. Sometimes, that comes back to bite you.

I was attacked by ants. Not me personally, they were after what was left of my organic food. I learned that ants have been a problem with this place for some time, although the guy at the front desk pretended to be shocked that there was a problem. Later on, another person who worked at the hotel was more honest about it.

They came from a hole in the wall near my bathroom. I have to say that ants colonies are an impressive example of an orderly society. The pretty much walk in straight lines, and are not easily distracted. It was fun to watch them work for a while.

And oh yeah, I changed rooms.

Learn more about Ant Colonies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our cat Tina's been helping us catch some cockroaches that have been stirring up in the Club lately. Another kind of "impressive" animal...

Wednesday, 10 May, 2006  

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