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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...in terms of class.

The Minnesota Vikings put to rest the "Lambau mystique" by convincingly defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-17.

Randy Moss would use the occasion to simulate mooning the home crowd during the game and declaring "we kicked their asses" on national TV shortly after it.

Meanwhile in Indianapolis, the cream rose to the top, with the Colts destroying the Denver Broncos 49-24 with players and coaches politely declaring that the Broncos were a tough team to beat.

It's as clear as black and white...and I don't mean that in a racially, but rather a "white hat" and "black hat" old Western style movie way.

Tony Dungy and his team acted like best examples of talent and class the NFL could offer, while Randy Moss displayed its worst.

It was appropriate that the two blowouts would happen on the same day, so that the contrast in sportsmanship could be so acutely on display.

On the FOX post-game TV show, Howie Long put it right, saying "it proves that talent and class do not always go hand in hand."

Luckily, with guys like Dungy, Manning, Marc Bulger, Curtis Martin, etc., I'll have a group of people to root for this coming weekend.

Bret Favre was defeated in many ways today.

His post-game interview was sad to watch. He's had a tough couple of years, and in terms of his on the field play, I don't think things are going to get any better for him.

Football has been his escape from a range of problems, including a drug addiction, family health issues, and the passing away of family members.

He won't be able to play football forever.

I hope he can find peace in some other way.

More sports.

Update: AofG has the video.


Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Favre was abysmal yet again. Third time in the last three or four Pack trips to the playoffs that he essentially cost them the game. There was the hail mary on third down fiasco last year, there was the six picks a few years back and now there's this. Perhaps it time to start considering going in another direction.

Randy Moss is an asshole.

Monday, 10 January, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Tony Dungy had an interesting comment, saying that fans traditionally moon the opposing team's bus after a Packers win. He thought the whole thing was funny.

My response to that is that if Randy Moss mooned the guys hanging out by the bus, then it would have been fine (and a retribution to the less than 1% of the fans that behave that way).

Instead, he decided to show off in front of national TV, proving himself to be a real jerk.

Monday, 10 January, 2005  

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