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Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 In Blogs

It's time to reflect on this past year. Here are my favorite blog posts of 2004 (my blog and others):

The top 10 from my blog:

Q&A with Sgt. Sapper in Iraq
: A very candid interview with a soldier stationed in Iraq.

Q&A With T.J. Allard of Good Day Live: up-and-coming actor TJ Allard's interview, posted the day after he was announced as the New York correspondent to Good Day Live.

Retro Moment: The Princess Bride: People loved this movie more than I thought.

Do We Support Our Troops?: A post that goes beyond patriotism and the anti-war movement.

Terrorism Changes New York, For the Better: stone barriers, designed to protect buildings from car bombs, have made New York a greener place.

Movie Preview: Oliver Stone's Alexander: For some reason, a lot of Eastern Europeans visited this page.

College Kids and Binge Drinking: A serious look at kids who go too far in college.

Terrorist Threats, But Not Al-Queda: My own personal experience with an arson threat.

I'm Famous, In A Really Small Way: My blogging 15 minutes of fame on MSNBC's election site.

The Painful Legacy of Al Gore: Written on election day, it discusses the phenominon of people not accepting the outcome of elections.

Great moments from other blogs:

Paul Katcher on pro wrestling deaths.

Bitter Daze's Interview with Harold Ramis

Right's One (formerly Five of a Kind -- read the whole series)

The Moderate Voice: Bush Wins

The Moderate Voice: Kerry Officially Calls The Race Over

Paul Katcher's Female Celebs and Their Nakedness: A Roundup

Riasawn Takes a Pic With a Gun, and It Gets Around

The Airing of Grievances McCain Redemption

Paul Katcher's Larry Bird Was Right, Mostly and Sadly

Faith Was Raped

Bitter Daze's View of the 2004 Election

The Airing of Grievances on the 2004 election.

Bitter Daze Breaks Down Barak Obama's Speech at the Democratic Convention

Life in the Shadows: Giving names to miscarriages

The Rebel Rouser Talks About Being In The Mess Hall That Was Bombed

Check out other people's best of:

The Art of Getting By

Please suggest your best posts in the comments section below.

More plugs for other sites.


Blogger Janet said...

Well I guess I've been excused from this assignment since you did it for me. Happy new year!

Friday, 31 December, 2004  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Thanks for the props, Nominal. As I said before, you're knowledge of blogs is simply staggering. You cover a helluva lotta ground. Impressive.

Happy New Year.

PS: Hope the Bills make you a happy man on Sunday. Unfortunately, with Bledsoe under center your boys have zero shot in the tournament.

Friday, 31 December, 2004  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Thanks Jackie and Janet, my two loyal readers (there's Angry Dan and Dr. Stangelove too, so if I ever had to sell ads on this site for a living, I could guarantee four viewers).

Happy New Year.

I don't expect the Bills for go far, but it beats what they were giving me the first half of the year.

Friday, 31 December, 2004  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Sorry 'bout the misfortune, Nominal. Looks like your boy Bledsoe decided to crap the bed a week early. Awful nice of him to hand the Steelers "d" a touchdown like that. Especially nice since the Jets are doing their best to piss away this Rams game. But, thanks to Drew's generosity, Gang Green will be in the tournament either way.

If I'm a Bills fan, the J.P. Losman era can not start soon enough.

Hang in there.

Sunday, 02 January, 2005  

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