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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Two National Champions?

It should have been Auburn and USC last night. I think Auburn would have won.

Yes, I know that after USC's trouncing of Oklahoma last night that it might be unusual to say, but Auburn wasn't going to be blown out.

USC proved it was a great college team last night, crushing the Oklahoma Sooners. Auburn, who went undefeated in a much better division should share the national championship.

Oklahoma, in the end, should have been on the field against Utah.

Auburn, because it's an Alabama school, will not get the recognition it deserves, especially up against a team located in a media capital of the U.S.

Can you honestly say that USC, in the PAC 10, faced the same level of competition than Auburn, in the SEC? It might be fair to say that the ACC's Virginia Tech, who only lost one game, had a tougher schedule than USC.

This is not to say that Matt Leinart, whose blog sucks by the way, proved that he is a really good college quarterback (does he even write the thing?). Oklahoma gave him a lot of pressure, and Leinart showed a lot of poise when moving in the pocket.

Jason White on the other hand stunk up the joint. I think he hurt his chances of being drafted last night. He just made poor decision after poor decision. I know that the Sooners' wide receivers were having trouble sliding on the field, but that doesn't explain this...

White's pass into four USC defenders proved that Oklahoma beat itself time and time again last night.

Jason Campbell though proved he is a NFL caliber quarterback, winning a pressure packed Sugar Bowl game against a really tough Virginia Tech team.

The fact is that I shouldn't even be talking about this. There should be a playoff system that allows the top four teams to play each other for the title. Pretty much every sport does this, and it would all but guarantee that all undefeated teams would play each other (although not this year, as there were five).

But the NCAA won't do it.

Until then, we'll continue to give out dual national championships.

We should this year. That's for sure.

The BCS has failed. We should have a playoff.

It worked in the video game world.

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Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Total Gorilla Stomping. Oklahoma should be embarrassed and perhaps banned from participating in "national championship" games.

I was very disappointed that they did not have a sideline interview with O.J. Before the game he said Adrian Peterson "scares me to death." Jackass.

Wednesday, 05 January, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Yeah, that was a beat down of crazy proportions.

I'm not touching the O.J. line...

Wednesday, 05 January, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Here's a question, who was the bigger bomb last night: Oklahoma or Ashlee Simpson?

Wednesday, 05 January, 2005  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Oklahoma in a landslide. Expectations for Ms. Simpson were very low. She did not disappoint.

Wednesday, 05 January, 2005  
Blogger Phin Samuels said...

USC would have trounced Auburn also.

Wednesday, 05 January, 2005  

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