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Monday, April 11, 2005

Photo Essay: Greeks on Parade

Yesterday, April 10, was Greek Independence Day, in honor of the Hellenic nation's revolution over those "sunavabitch blood sucking Turks," which ended in 1829. To honor it, there was a parade on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

See what that dude holding the Greek flag is wearing? That's a traditional uniform, worn by many, including the Greek army of the revolution. The thing is, the revolution happened in the 1800s. Can you believe they won a war wearing that?

There were tons of Hellenic Americans in the crowd.

Here's more kids wearing the traditional Greek formal wear.

And here's the woman's version of it.

The Greek flag has somewhat of a unique history. No one's really sure what it means, when if was first used, or who designed it, although there are some good theories. No one is really sure what the number of stripes mean, or where the flag came from.

It was a fun parade, with the usual marching bands and such. I got to revel in the glow of my half-Greek pride and enjoy an amazing day in New York.

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