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Friday, May 13, 2005

Photo Essay: New York City Hippies

Yesterday, 21st Century Hippies were in full force in Union Square Park, displaying the energy and talents of America's up and coming liberal political activists.

You of course had your typical "George W. Bush is the cause of all evil in the world" sign, which was followed by...

...the "George W. Bush is a Nazi sign".

This guy gave a speech saying that the Bush administration caused 9/11.

It went something along the lines of "you know, there are FACTS man, total facts, that Bush caused 9/11. The facts are everywhere. Like why did the F-16s take so long to cover the White House, see there are a lot of facts. Why did he read to second graders? It proves he was plotting everything."

He then went on to say something about war games being conducted that day, which was interesting (but what it means I had no idea). I was discouraged by the fact that the guy didn't really give me any facts about George Bush and September 11th.

This guy above, wearing the bed sheet, was the best. He was actually the most articulate of the bunch. Apparently, skateboarders are getting harassed in the park, and he pleaded that the park rangers allow them to skate. "We need exercise" he would say. "I would do it myself, but I would bust my ass." He added, "what are they allowed to do outside, sell drugs? This is America! Free the skaters!"

There were a couple of old guys who were yelling at the group. They provided much comedy relief, and practically stole the show. There was one old man (not pictured here) who was constantly insulting the speakers. He accused them of denying him a place on their soapbox. The man said something about getting beat up by (New York City activist) Lenora Fulani's people and somehow it was these guys fault.

With the day being so nice, they had a good crowd going. Unfortunately, the NYPD took their bullhorn, and for the next 45 minutes (perhaps even more) they performed diatribes on how New York City was a police state and (somehow) George W. Bush was preventing them from free speech.

When someone asked why they just didn't pay $50 to get a permit, they again responded that Mayor Mike Bloomberg and George W. Bush had denied them of free speech.

This was a really great free event. If you have any free time and are in the Union Square (New York City) area, do check these guys out. I'm sure they will be there complaining that their free speech is denied, while no one tries to stop them from saying it.

I don't think Ann Coulter has anything to worry about from these guys, although I would love to see them debate.

It would be anarchy. Sort of like a good (bad) boxing match.

It reminded me of when I was young, had a lot of energy, and really didn't think things through. It's proof that even though you have the right to speak, it doesn't mean you should.

But it's entertaining, and for all we know Bush might have caused 9/11, and they have the inside scoop on it.

Who knows?

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Blogger Unknown said...

Good stuff Nominal. Your take on these guys was priceless.

All this coming from the guy who used to curse teachers out in HS and where a Tiananmen Square T-shirt. Oh how the times have changed.

Friday, 13 May, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Yeah man, I'm old.

Friday, 13 May, 2005  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Lenora Fulani? Wow, just a total surprise to see that name. My moms used to work with her ex-husband.

The Black Israelites from Queens get involved?

Saturday, 14 May, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Yeah, I was surprised too. She had a lot of (quiet) influence in New York City politics a few years ago...for all I know she may still have.

She came on my radar screen in college; in my senior year I was thinking about doing my political science thesis on third party politics.

That reminds me, someday I should do a write up on New York's third party system.

Monday, 16 May, 2005  

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