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Saturday, November 20, 2004

The NBA On The Decline, Again

The NBA found a new way for fans to get involved in the game Friday night, and it wasn't a good thing.

Friday night there was a brawl that consisted of fans and athletes losing control and disgracing a once-proud sport.

The NBA continues to systematically destroy itself with high school kids, bad discipline, and pushing a me-first culture.

It's normal to have fans fight in the stands. It's common to have athletes fight on the court.

It's not OK to have athletes fighting fans.

There are no good guys in this situation. Fans have the right to do many things, but physical contact with players is not one of them. Players, on the other hand, do not have the right to assault the very people who pay their million dollar salaries.

Any player who threw a punch at a fan should be suspended for the rest of the season, without pay.

Any fan who threw a punch or threw an object at a player, or anyone else, should be banned from attending NBA games.

Any one, player or fan, who threw a punch, should have legal charges filed against them.

The NBA must clean up its act now.

It's really that simple.