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Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday Morning Musings

The J.P. Losman "era" of the Buffalo Bills began on ESPN Sunday night. With the Bills losing to the New England Patriots 29-6 late in the fourth quarter, Drew Bledsoe was benched in favor of the rookie quarterback. Losman went 1/2 for 5 yards, an interception, and a fumble.

Ever work with someone like this?

Looks like Bill Mahr likes hot coco.

RetroCrush is counting down the top 100 TV theme songs of all time.

Thankfully, Wendy's has fired it's unofficial spokesman. That really was an annoying ad campaign. There haven't been any job postings for his replacement.

In my earlier post about the GOP dying, it looks like I was wrong about the hispanic vote. Bush and the Republicans had some significant gains and could be on their way to a longstanding majority. There's even a new dating service for Republicans.

There's a hell of a story on Maurice Clarette and Ohio State in the November 22nd edition of ESPN The Magazine. The full story is here.

War is no joke.

Rick Reilly has a great editorial on Latrell Sprewell.

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