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Friday, August 26, 2005

Photo Essay: Lambeau Field

Last night I caught the New England Patriots -- Green Bay Packers preseason game in historic Lambeau Field.

Packers fans know how to tailgate, and even though I was wearing my #7 Doug Flutie shirt (he's a backup with the Patriots now) I did not get any death threats (not like I usually do when I go to New Jersey to see the Jets play the Bills).

The security guard in the stadium did stop me and said "what are you wearing, I'm not sure I can let you in with that thing". He was a closet Flutie fan though, so I got in.

There's the man -- Vince Lombardi. I can hear the old NFL Films song playing in my head now.

The outside of the stadium has been renovated. They've added an atrium, bars and restaurants.

Miller Lite is king around here. I had to have one with a Bratworst. When in Rome...

The stadium is a throwback, you can see the stadium seat base as you're walking through the hallway. The seats are all metal benches. Man that must have sucked during the ice bowl.

The place has a vibe. During the national anthem, the crowd actually sung it. You could hear 79,000+ people belting it out. You don't get that in New York.

Tom Brady and the Patriots marched down the field over and over, while Packers QB Bret Favre threw two interceptions. Green Bay rookie backup Aaron Rogers fumbled twice and was sacked on his first three plays. The Pack faithful were not amused.

My hero Doug Flutie didn't get to do much, as the game was pretty much over at halftime. At one point Flutie hit a guy wide open for what would have been a 30 yard gain, but the guy dropped it.

Even though it was just a preseason game, the stadium was packed. They have a fantastic fan base here (mind the pun).

The stadium walls are lined with the names of some of the greatest to ever play the game.

Cheese heads do exist in Green Bay.

After halftime, it started pouring rain. Instead of killing what was left of the crowd, the fans went wild. They started chanting "Go Pack Go" and it seemed to lift the dour mood in the stadium. Here's a nice blurry photo of myself soaking wet from the rain.

At the end of the game, with the score Patriots 27, Packers 3, and the rain pouring down, dejected Green Bay fans left Lambeau Field.

While I doubt most in the stadium shared my point of view, I had a great time. It's a special stadium with a special fan base.

Number of Wal-Mart Visits: 7
Number of People Who Asked About 9/11: 4
Number of McDonalds Visits: 2

Random Song: "Turn The Page" by Bob Segar. It's a song I can really relate to right now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the Awffle House visit count???!?

Sunday, 28 August, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

Sorry Hoss, I'll put that one in there at the next stat count.

Monday, 29 August, 2005  

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