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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Milwaukee County Zoo

Today I went to the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The zoo offered a number of chances to get close to the animals, while also providing refuge away from prying eyes.

Some animals, like this monkey, was very willing to show off his skills. Monkeys are great. What can possibly be more fun than monkeys? Nothing, I tell you.

The Hippos, on the other hand, were in no mood to pose for photos.

The zoo did a good job mixing fun, displays, and knowledge. It seemed that almost all of the animals presented had bad luck with mankind; many species present are endangered. Guess who is to blame for all of this?

Cats! Evil, bird killing cats. We really must wipe them out, or at least put them all under house arrest.

Maybe I'm wrong about the cat thing. There are all of these signs talking about conservation, and cats really don't have a part to play in all of that. Could it be that there is another group destroying our planet?


Wal-Mart shopping, McDonalds' eating, SUV driving, humans?

No way.

Oh, to break with the environmental stuff. Here's a question on whether race relations has improved in America. There was this cute teenage inter-racial couple (black guy, white girl), both were good looking and certainly weren't settling. On first thought, I said, "man, that's progress. They are walking out in public and no one seems to care that a black man is with a young white woman. Race problems in America are gone."

Then the girlfriend says, "hey, let's go look at the elephants, I want to see your ancestors".

Is this progress? You be the judge.

(Truth be told, I've probably said worse to Dr. Strangejazz).

OK, back to the environment.

I didn't see the relation.

Damn it, back to the environment, and how we're screwing it up.

One of the better exhibits involved fish from around the world, many of them from Africa. More than any other room, the negative affect of mankind was brought front and center, as African and South American wildlife and environments are seemingly being wiped away. The continents' many wars and rampant poverty are likely exacerbating the problem.

Penguins seem alright, although I imagine global warming is decimating them as well. At this point though, I was getting too burned out on how we're destroying mother Earth and just wanted to look at animals.

There was a fun "animals of the night" section, which featured bats and other late-night party-goers.

Another cause of the zoo was telling people that not all animals want to kill us. Some species get bad raps, like snakes. Some of them want to leave us alone.

Oh, and more human suck stories by the way, turtles sometime walk on paved roads to do something with their eggs during mating season. We humans run them over, most likely with gas-guzzling SUVs.

Stop that, OK?

Turtles are fun. Yeah they should get off our roads, but they don't know any better.

I learned that the jaguar is so powerful, it has no natural predators. Except humans. That's 'cause we suck.

The museum was an impressive one. It's big enough to get lost in, and I learned a whole lot.

We suck.

I've been asked about my dating life on the road, mostly by married couples who want to figure out how I can get married when I'm going from city to city.

My friend Two Times has found me a way, single people in prison. What's great about it for a "take it slow" guy like me is that most of these girls won't be out of jail for a few months, or years, at least. No need to rush into physical stuff when you're not allowed to get past the Plexiglas window.

is cute, available, and Christian. She's had a kid already, and is a Pentecostal, but I think we can work around that. The warm smile and blue eyes will help. I kinda want to know what she did to get into jail though before I spend money getting her mailing address (yes my friends, this is a for-profit venture).

Sometimes, through Google, you can figure it out. Suzette McClure, who is looking awesome for a woman born in 1967, is serving a life sentence for killing her ex-boyfriend. I really can't judge her, since I've wanted to kill some of my ex's, but it would be a lot of pressure for a first date. If it didn't work out, I might now have any more first dates.

Come to think of it, with some of the girls I've dated in the past (especially my B.C. years) I'm surprised I'm still alive.

She's cute, and likes alternative music. I'm going to think about this one.

By the way, for you ladies (and non-traditional men), there are plenty of candidates for you as well. If there was ever an ad to "stay out of jail," this is it.

Maybe we should be in a zoo, and just let the animals roam free.

America's Treasures


Blogger DDD said...

Suzetter Mcclure killed "good time charlie!?!?!?" Ya can't make this stuff up. I love how some of the prison hotties activities are "walking." Guess prison life is pretty exiciting. Could you imagine placing a personal ad like that:
My hobbies include sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth.

Thursday, 06 October, 2005  
Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Wow, looks like I might finally get myself a girl. That chick on the homepage could get it!

Excellent site.

Thursday, 06 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got a mad crush on you, Mr. 1972!!

Luv, Prisoner #26615.

P.S. Hope you nicked the Harley-D.
P.P.S. You don't mind a gal with a moustache, do you?

Friday, 07 October, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

When are you getting out 26615?

Friday, 07 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever you're ready! We'll just have to stay on the move....

Luv, Prisoner #26615

Sunday, 09 October, 2005  

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