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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Photo Essay: New York City Skyline

I was back home, the city (New York for all of you uninformed people), for a wedding. It was one of those fly in and fly out quickly deals (sorry to my NYC friends I didn't see or call).

Here's some of the cooler photos of my descent into New York.

We were flying north, so this is the southern tip of Manhattan. Here you can see the Wall Street area and, beyond the taller buildings parts of Greenwich Village.

The gaping hole you see in the center of the photo is the World Trade Center site, which is still a pile of nothing. It is a victory of our democratic process that we have not agreed on what to rebuild there. Four years later and there is still nothing. Yay government in action. That'll show the terrorists they haven't won.

In the center of the photo, you can see the Empire State Building, my favorite of all in the city. Slightly to the left of it is a circular structure, which is Madison Square Garden. Both are around 34th Street.

Here's the first shot of Central Park. You can only imagine how large it is from the air.

Almost every inch of Manhattan is in use it seems, even the coastline. There are piers that surround the island, used for tours and more industrial shipping.

In this photo you see the Upper East (right) and Upper West (left) sides of Manhattan. It's just like their political leanings.

Driving along in various spots of the city, you can see the skyline.

You can get close to the Empire State Building. We tried to park here. I knocked on a traffic cop's window to see if it was legal, and he began lecturing me on not "sneaking up on cops". He told me that he has a gun with him, and he might blow me away before realizing that I was "one of the good guys". You have to love the NYPD. They are really cool under fire.

Guess what...

...my favorite building is?

New York was fun. What a great town.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool, taking and posting pictures on your descent into NYC. Although I happen to prefer the Chrysler Building, myself (which I can see from my office, yay).

Tuesday, 04 October, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

My recent ex-girlfriend loved the Chrysler building, which I think is a pretty solid building. Perhaps even second-best.

When I would not agree that the Chrysler building was better, she broke up with me.

That's not true, there were other reasons, but I bet the building thing was part of it.

Tuesday, 04 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite building-

Club Sunnyside North. In Woodside.

Did you see that from the air?

Tuesday, 04 October, 2005  
Blogger Nominal Me said...

I did Uke. It was glorious. Just like I remembered it.

Tuesday, 04 October, 2005  

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