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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's My Blog Birthday (Part II)

Yesterday was my blog birthday, so to start my second year off I'd like to repost what I consider some of my best (and most popular) work. As always, thanks for stopping by.


Is Pluto a Planet? God knows. Many people do not know that there is a serious scientific debate over our 9th planet.

Preaching God With Profanity is about Kanye West and his faith.

Do We Support Our Troops? I still wonder if we do.

Do Sports Make People Dumb? Athletics demands quite a price, regardless of the level its played.

Do People Matter At Work? Are employees becoming nothing more than drones at the office?

Retro Moment: Red Dawn I wish we had the Cold War back so we could have movies like this again.

Machines That Learn
talks about advances in technology that allow machines to do things, like kill, with greater efficiency.

When the Buffalo News said Drew Bledsoe would be back, I knew JP Losman would start this year, and I knew he would suck. I also said that the New Jersey Jets needed a new Quarterback.

The NFL's 10 Most Tragic Moments. #1 still brings a tear to my eye.

Ignorance Is Strength
, my comments on an absurd part of post-9/11 laws.

When I was unemployed, I had plenty of time to hang out in Union Square with a bunch of other people who had nothing to do. I took photos of a Hippie rally and then saw a related political demonstration regarding the rights of bikers.

In what is truly a only in New York City day, I attended both the Gay Pride Parade and a Billy Graham event. Here are the photos.

I learned how bad Americans are at math while prepping for the GREs.

My review of Minneapolis, MN and urban renewal efforts there.

September 11th never seems to go away, as I wrote recently.

Karaoke in Suburban Minnesota can be memorable.

My travels have brought me new perspectives on the Red-state/Blue-state divide.

Here's my first-hand experiences with the media. They are overworked.

POSTS THAT STILL GET A LOT OF HITS (Google has been kind):
College Kids and Binge Drinking talks about drinking-related deaths on college campuses.

My fake movie preview of Oliver Stone's Alexander. It was probably better than the movie itself.

My Q&A with the NYC Buffalo Bills Backers highlighted the guys behind "Little Buffalo", a bar that brings hundreds of Buffalo Bills fans together in NYC.

Retro Moment: The Princess Bride
talks about my all-time favorite movie, the Princess Bride.

Retro Moment: Wag The Dog
is about my favorite political satire. Every time I watch it, the movie seems more true to life.

Will Tech TV Cost Cameron Diaz Her Job?
Guys really seem to like the photo of Diaz here.

Retro Moment: Primary Colors. Obscure movies have been good to my site. This movie should have been more popular than it was.

When Britney Spears got pregnent, I lamented. People seem to like it.

Free Speech, but not for Anorexics. I took an extreme subject to show that we really don't always have freedom of speech in America, and that is a good thing.

A Tom Tewell reference on a post regarding a Minnesota Church has brough a lot of traffic to the site, along with some pretty detailed comments. The debate still rages on.

Thanks for coming guys. I'll try to keep this up for another year.

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