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Monday, April 24, 2006

The City of Brotherly Love and BEEF!

Today I got the chance to hang out in Philadelphia, "The City of Brotherly Love". It's always puzzling to people, in and out of the city, as to why this rough place has a nickname like that. It's simple, it's rooted in one of the four Greek words for love -- "Philla" -- a friendly form of love.

I was not there to make friends. I was there to eat beef.

Apparently, Leo's Steak Shop just outside of Philadelphia is the place to go for a really good cheese steak.

Everyone who has every given this Folcroft, PA establishment the compliment of "Best Cheese Steak" seems to get a place on their wall. Maybe they'll print this story out and put it on display too.

It was an impressive looking sandwich. But would it taste good? I was eager, willing, and ready.

It was awesome. Perhaps the best one I've every had (although I am far from an expert on this matter).

It could have been that I was just starving though. In order to find the place, myself and my colleagues got impossibly lost. We drove through random (and likely bad ) parts of Philadelphia in a long search to find it. The advantage of doing so was seeing some of the really interesting houses in the city. There really was a time when architects put much more time and effort into designing homes. It seems to be a lost art, except in the inner cities.

We are now resigned to a suburban, cookie-cutter society now. It's only a few places like Philly, New York, Atlanta and Chicago that seem to be keeping their inner cities together. More and more people are moving away from cities, and letting older homes fall apart and a style of architecture fade away.

It is truly unfortunate.


Blogger DDD said...

I know there is a funny comment for the pix you posted of you eating a philly cheese steak sandwich wearing a spam t-shirt. I don't know what that comment is, but I know there is at least one really good one.

Thursday, 25 May, 2006  

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