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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Photo Essay: Central Park, New York City

Somewhat anachronistically, in the middle of Manhattan lies Central Park. A refuge from traffic and (in some areas) people.

You can see things like this...what are they called again?

Trees. Oh yeah.

The City is still there. You can see it near the park's reservoir.

In some places, traffic does file through the park. They do a good job hiding it though.

Most of it is a refuge from the hustle and bustle around it. You can really get lost in this place.

But then, you go back. You don't go to New York to live in the wilderness, after all.

It's a nice escape from reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can thank Robert Moses for a lot of this. That bastard!!!!

Thursday, 25 May, 2006  

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